I’m Lulu Sinnott, a mature student (just turned 60) from University College Dublin.  I just finished my second year in Psychology, and decided to take up the offer of an Erasmus year, a Europe-wide exchange programme, so I’m spending the year in Berlin, attending the Freie Univeristy Berlin, which begins with a 6-week Intensive German course, so that I’ll be up to scratch when college begins in earnest in October.  Quite a small proportion of students took up the offer, and only one other (from Psychology) took on the challenge of studying through another language; however, I was the only mature student in my year to go on Erasmus, though a few other mature Arts students did go. It’s a big challenge for myself, and for my family, all of whom are busy with new challenges too, but what an opportunity! I am so glad to be able to go, and to be able to record what I think via this blog.