This is just an addition to the previous post, to clarify.  Though 11 million people were killed during the Holocaust, 6 million of them were Jews.  Approximately two-thirds of Jews living in Europe died, including over a million children.  Not all concentration camps were death camps, though conditions were so terrible that many died of starvation or sickness.  Auschwitz was probably the best known death camp,  where conveyer belt conditions ensured the highest efficiency for killing, and over a million people died there.  However, the first concentration camp was Dachau, opened in 1933 to contain political dissidents, Communists, undesirables. From that point, it’s a very short move to including other social categories i.e. non-Aryans.  The 11 million figure was actually what Heydrich suggested to Hitler as the guideline for killing Jews in Europe.  He had a sort of wishlist for the future, of places they were going to take over or had already taken over, and he had totted up the potential obliteration of the Jews, including  Ireland (where he imagined some huge number of Jews living – but that would cover any other losses that might be incurred) and of course Britain, where Dad’s Army (known as The Home Guard to any of you unfamiliar with the old TV series) were stopping Mr.Hitler from getting a toe in the door.