Got up at 6.30 to get to school for 8am, as was doing my German proficiency test- eeek! Actually, it was an exercise in inefficiency – from 8am to 2pm we waited and waited, with the odd test thrown at us, but we were so worn down that everyone was off form by the time we did them! We were split into two groups – unfortunately I was group two, who had the tour of the university first, then the test, instead of vice versa. By the time we got in to the language lab, Group One were probably enjoying a coffee somewhere. All of us v.nervous, then we had a really complicated system of registration to actually get in to do the test, and by the time we had done all that, the system crashed and we had to sit and look at blank screens until it got up and running again, and wham we were into the exam. Eight texts with fill-in-the-blanks to do. I found them really hard to crack, especially as they were such odd subjects ie. “Do animals have the emotional capacity to be musical?” or some such thing. I guessed half the answers, as it was like multiple choice on one level, but only managed to get 51%. However, since the system can’t differentiate between someone absolutely useless and someone who’s not great but can do some stuff (me), we then had to be taken off to the other end of the building and given an assignment. “Look at the picture of the four students, write a story around where they are from, what they are doing” etc. Then lift your backpack and off to another end of the building where we had an individual interview (that went quite well). However, by this time it was 2pm, and I had had nothing except an apple since breakfast at 6.30 (thank God for porridge!), so myself and a really nice Trinity student I met headed for the cafeteria for a bowl of pasta. Took forever to actually negotiate buying a card which you could trade for food – no money changes hands – but I practically ate the plate. Anyhow, after that, we tried to register at the Erasmus office, really lovely woman helped us, but we were too late for lots of stuff, so have to look online now and see what I might do. Baz did shopping and cooking today, so we ate with the two guys (roommates), was really nice, and there’s plenty for my packed lunch tomorrow (not making that mistake again, of leaving home without lunch – however, Steffen said he thinks you are not allowed to eat your own food in the canteen!!! As it was, I was shocked to hear that they have no water tap in the huge canteen – or maybe in the whole university, for all I know. They want you to buy drinks).